Purpose, Vision and Values

Statement of Purpose

We work to reduce reoffending by delivering orders of the court and helping people to reform and improve their lives.


Our focus will be on:

  • Preventing victims of crimes by changing offenders' lives through successful rehabilitation
  • Effective partnerships to reduce reoffending
  • Quality probation services which have the confidence of courts, partners, public and victims
  • Excellent value for money
  • Innovation with impact on outcomes

Core Values of WWM CRC

  • Treat people fairly, openly and with respect
  • Have an uncompromising stance against harm caused by crime
  • Maintain a strong belief that people can change
  • Focus on the importance of taking personal responsibility for behaviour.
  • Understand the necessity of learning from experience
  • Respond to the needs of local communities
  • At all times, aim to operate with transparency and integrity

Core Values of EOS

  • Teamwork - Working together across the business to achieve more for our customers
  • Respect - Taking time to understand, trust and support each other to achieve shared success
  • Commitment - Demonstrating a relentless and driven ambition to exceed expectations
  • Reliability - Fulfilling all our customer requirements, getting the job done
  • Creativity - Solving problems and suggesting new ideas and insights
  • Integrity - Doing things the right way, for the right reason, ethically, honestly every time